Latest Archos Portable Media Players

Posted on Aug 22 2008 - 12:17am by Richard Sharp

New Archos PMP DesignWhen it comes to good quality portable media players, Archos has been the manufacturer to look out for over the past couple of years and few companies have managed to bridge the ver widening gap that’s forming. To add insult to all that injury, Archos has now announced a whole new line of even better looking and better featured PMPs.

While they were pretty much undisputed as being the best available, Archos PMPs weren’t without their little faults. The latest additions have been “corrected”, as it were, so that none or very few of these problems will be evident in the latest incarnation. Good news for anybody that has held back from owning one or is looking for an update but a bit of a bummer if you just got one and don’t want to buy a new one yet.

Perhaps the most radical changes are the design and the addition of GPS software. The new players are considerably thinner and substantially lighter than their earlier counterparts and the look of them certainly doesn’t suffer for it. Thankfully all the best features of previous models have been retained sticking to the old adage that if it ain’t broken, just upgrade it and make it look better.

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