Leaked photos of iPhone 5 components surface

Posted on Aug 23 2011 - 11:30am by Julius

A new report from MacRumors has shown a number of leaked photos of iPhone 5 components. The leaked photos, which are reported to have come from different suppliers, seem to show that the new iPhone 5 handset will not feature a dual LED flash that a number of rumors have suggested.

While the leaked photos of the iPhone 5 suggest that the next-generation Apple smartphone will not have a second flash, compared to its predecessor’s, it does give a hint of a thinner body. The reports did not say if it is an eight-megapixel camera as rumored.

An update to the previous report said that the leaked camera module of the iPhone 5 resemble the iPhone 4’s because it is the same camera. iFixit has gotten their hands on the same camera module by the leakers and according to iFixit’s Kyle Weins, the camera has the same five-megapixel resolution.

It seems that the Apple made some design changes for the new iPhone 5. According to the news source, it will have a new battery, an audio jack flex cable and a new camera module. The battery sports the same part number of the older one (616-0580) but uses a newly oriented connector. It also is slightly more efficient, with 5.3 Whr (from the older one’s 5.25 Whr).

Yesterday it was reported that an AT&T vice president said that the iPhone 5 release date will be on early October, while several other reports also expect that the new iPhone is expected to be released this autumn.

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via: CNET

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