Lego Darth Vader Desk Lamp Lights the way

Posted on Aug 5 2012 - 10:50pm by Richard Sharp

I have a weakness for Star Wars Lego, even at 28 years of age I love the stuff. The range has expanded from pure bricks and blocks to other items over the years, such as the Darth Vader alarm clocks and Star Wars Lego torches we’ve featured in the past.

Today we found an awesome Darth Vader lamp which has the famous overlord wielding an LED lightsaber. It’s not a cheap knock off either because it is officially branded and is readily available from Toy stores and the official Lego website.

Pose him and see the light

The Darth Vader desk lamp comes complete with a black stand which holds him upright. You can use this or let your imagination go wild by posing Vader; his arms, legs and hands can all be moved in the usual Lego fashion.

Power comes from either three AAA batteries, a USB adapter or can draw dark energy from your anger and hate. Okay, we’re just joking about the last power option, but it is handy to know that the lamp could be powered by your laptop or desktop computer.

AT 19cm tall this lamp would look awesome on a desk or bedside cabinet. We’ve found it for £24.95 at John Lewis, whilst other retailers where charging slightly more at the time of writing.

Have you seen a desk lamp as cool as this one? If so we need to see it, let us know what you think below.

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