Lenovo P960 – The Stalker’s Phone

Posted on Aug 13 2008 - 1:01am by Richard Sharp

Lenovo P960The Lenovo P960 is quickly becoming a mobile phone destined to be used by a whole bunch of weirdos. As well as offering that all essential mobile phone component – biometric fingerprint scanning, it will also have an automatic record function that records any phone calls from a particular number. I’m sure it will have genuine uses, and may make the ideal mobile phone for parents that are loathed to otherwise let their children have one.

The problem with that theory is that the design is a little blande, although not entirely unpleasant in all honesty. It leaves a huge question mark as to who exactly the finger print security and automated call recording is geared at.

There’s very few mobile phones that currently use fingerprint scanning security, although the technology does exist. Laptops are featuring biometric scanning more and more regularly to mixed reviews. The VIP Record feature, as Lenovo describes it, is certainly unique and most definitely handy… to somebody… probably.

The press release doesn’t give much more information and certainly no pricing details so if you’re interested then please let us know why, and keep your eyes peeled for more news.

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  1. AZ August 13, 2008 at 5:46 am - Reply

    Well, I’m not too sure about call recording, but fingerprint security might help in this part of the world, where mobile phone snatching is very common and so are cell phones. Everyone, from a guy who earns a dollar a day to those who earn a million, carry cell phones, and all these people have been through the experience of getting their cell phones snatched at gun point, atleast once in their lives (happened twice with me). So if lenovo advertises that their cell phones have this bio-metric capability and that no one can unlock the phone but the person who’s finger print is fed in to the system, phone snatchers might not bug those carry lenovo cell phones…. maybe…

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