Lens mount lets you use your iPhone as a DSLR

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 1:04pm by Robert

According to Flicker, the iPhone 4’s camera is the most used camera in the world, which is a little crazy because the device is primarily a phone. So with a phone that a lot of purposes, a new add-on comes that allows camera lenses to be mounted to your iPhone.

The iPhone SLR Mount is a new case from Photojojo enables any Nikon or Canon lens to be attached to your iPhone to increase your photo taking fun. However, it comes with a price tag of £160, which is pretty heavy on the pocket.

For £160, you’ll get an aluminum case, a UV filter and an SLR lens adapter. The 3G or 3GS version of the case costs less, at around £120. A variety of lenses like wide angle, zoom, telephoto, fixed-fifty or macro can be attached to the case, which is pretty cool, but is it all worth it? Sample pictures on the Photojojo website sure looks very impressive and if you’re a practicing photographer, I don’t see what will hinder you from including this in your arsenal.

When you take a picture using the attached lens, the images will be upside down as SLR cameras have a mirror inside their cases that flips the image. This is something the iPhone doesn’t have, though.

Some people say that this device is a gross overkill, but carrying a bulky SLR camera can sometimes be dragging.

According to a service representative from Photojojo, there’s been an overwhelming demand for the lens mount that recently crashed their servers.

Seems like a great addition to your iPhone accessory collection, huh?


via: Photojojo

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