Let Me See Those Magnetic Particles Dance, Baby

Posted on Sep 29 2012 - 2:58am by Robert

You know what it’s like, don’t you? It’s been a long, slow day in the office and the clock’s hands seem to be going backwards rather than forwards. Will this day ever end? You root about in your desk for something to amuse you and if you are lucky you find one of those squeezy balls which supposedly relieve stress or one of those stupid 8 balls that make you lose the will to live after 5 minutes of looking at it.

Well, the solution to your problem is at hand, and it’s called a Ferrofluid Magnetic Display. No, it really is.

Better Than a Dancing Flower

Imagine a little glass bottle which has some sort of weird looking substance in it. The beauty of it is that it comes with two little magnets. By sticking these magnets onto the side of the bottle and moving them about you can make the substance inside it move, nay, dance. Ok, so it might not sound great but you will definitely find it more addictive than the flower that dances in a rather silly way whenever it hears music.

It seems that it is made of sub domain magnetic particles of ferromagnetic magnetite. There are a lot of sensible uses for use for it in the real world but keeping you from falling asleep at your desk is probably the most important one.

It costs a very reasonable sounding $30 and we predict that by the end of the year either every executive in the land will have one or else none of them will.

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