Let the CaddyAid GPS golf system bring out the Angel in you!

Posted on Apr 13 2009 - 9:16pm by Richard Sharp

caddy-aidIf you have spent the last few days glued to the television set watching the golf drama unfold at Augusta, and the final Maters play off which saw Angel Cabrera finally claim victory and his second major golf championship, then no doubt you are keen to get on the greens and start practicing for your green jacket.

To help you along the way to golfing victory, one of the must-have gadgets on the golf course now must be a CaddyAid GPS golf system. The CaddyAid GPS golf system is a useful tool to allow for calculating distances to practically any point on a golf course and will also display photographs of each hole on the golf course being played.

The CaddyAid GPS golf system will show you on the green the front and carry distances on the automated readout screen. The CaddyAid GPS golf system also features a full colour 3.5” display screen, which can provide flyover movie shots of the holes to be played, distance to the pin, shows lay up distances and with full GPS capability.

Golf is one of those areas that they just cannot stop thinking up new and often useless gadgets for, however the CaddyAid GPS golf system is not one of them. The CaddyAid is used by professional golfers and caddies which in itself bears testament to the usefulness of this product.

The CaddyAid is priced around the £300 mark, which admittedly isn’t cheap however the amount of use that a keen golfer will get from this product is staggering making it well worth the price tag. The CaddyAid comes with a MIO P360 GPS enables PDA, the cables and special holder, software, free course download as well as Windows Mobile. It is possible to download up to the minute information on most of the UK golf courses.

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