Let There Be Light: The AREA Lamp with Gesture Control

Posted on Aug 29 2013 - 5:56pm by Richard Sharp

Doesn’t it feel great when you snap your fingers and get what you wanted? The only problem is that unless you are an embarrassingly rich Sheikh or a power-hungry dictator this doesn’t happen too often. Well, now you don’t need to discover vast oilfields or launch a military coup to enjoy this sensation.

Sadly, the feeling of controlling things with just a wave of your hands only applies to the lights. Still, it’s a start.

The device which is going to let you live out at least some of your dreams is the AREA under cabinet lamp. It is being sold by a design shop in Dresden, Germany and it lets you control the exact level of lighting with a simple wave of your hand. It uses sensors which detect your movements without you touching it.

How It Works

areaIt works through a long strip of LEDS, which you can activate all together or individually. If you want to switch them all on then you only need to move your hand all the way along the strip. Of course, if you want to just get enough light to look at your phone or search for the alarm clock without waking up your partner then you just need a quick wave of your hand to get a single LED dot working.

As well as being pretty cool to operate through gesture control, this is also an energy-efficient lamp which gives off a warm white glow.

What domestic appliance would you like to see gesture control added to?

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