LG 50PK350 50 Inch Full HD Plasma TV review

Posted on Jun 25 2010 - 7:57pm by Richard Sharp

If you have never watched a film on a huge screen you will be amazed. If you have never seen a football game in HD you will be astonished. If you think this is going to cost you an arm and a leg you will be pleasantly surprised. I won’t ruin all the surprises at once, so let’s go through the features one by one.

Picture Quality

The 50” screen isn’t just for showing off to the neighbours when the delivery men come staggering in through your front door under its impressive 31 kilos of weight. The huge surface area, combined with the Full HD (1080p), 16:9 Aspect Ratio Resolution and 3,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio really does give you a picture quality which will make you stagger just like those delivery guys. All in all, the LG 50PK350 50” Full HD Plasma TV gives you a picture quality which is simply incredible.


You’ve got the big picture so the last thing you want is a tiny little sound to come out the telly. 10W + 10W outputs of audio will solve that, while Clear Voice II is compatible also. Digital Freeview comes included, with 40 free channels, an on screen guide to the next 8 day’s entertainment and interactive services.

The LG 50PK350 comes with a USB to let you connect your digital camera, flash memory or MP3 and 2 HDMI input slots for to connect your gadgets to a games console. Intelligent Sensor and Smart Energy Saving are two nice extra touches.


Did I mention earlier that you might be surprised by the price? The normal £999 price is excellent but the current £699 offer in PC World is absolutely amazing. All this TV and all these features, services and cutting edge technology for under £700? This is a great price for a television which you can expect to stay up to date and in fashion for a very long time.



At the normal price this is an excellent buy, although you would maybe be left feeling just a little guilty at giving yourself such luxury. However, at the special offer price I mentioned above you will probably make you mind up in the time it takes me to type the name of the model one last time – LG 50PK350 50” Full HD Plasma Screen TV. Have you decided yet? Get it with free delivery by clicking on the banner below.

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