LG Aim to Bring 3D TV to Life with an Innoviative Q&A Widget

Posted on Dec 9 2010 - 6:10pm by Richard Sharp

The UK arm of LG is rolling out a brand new campaign to raise people’s awareness and change perception of cinema-tech 3D TV’s. The technology, also known as passive 3d uses similar glasses to those found in top end cinemas to deliver 3D pictures in a sustainable way in the living room.

The campaign started today in UK cinemas with a brand new advert to explain the technology and how it can be used in the home, it also introduces a new interactive tool where consumers can ask questions of two quirky characters – the tool is entitled ‘LG Brings 3D to life’.

The ‘widget’ features the same characters from the advert and includes over 50 responses for 3D questions and beyond. So if you want to know what the difference between active and passive 3D? Just ask. Other recommendations include asking about cost, about headaches, the future and even how 3d works – they will answer all of that and more. We’ve even asked the interactive character to hug, strip and other merry requests all of which prompted a response.

The whole saga was put together under the watchful eye of Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd) and stars the comedy duo of Tim Key and Lloyd Wolf who portray the modern odd couple. They deliver a range of pre recorded responses in a light hearted yet informative way.

For those of you with a wicked sense of humour or inquisitive mind you might be interested to know there is a hidden scene. Whoever is lucky enough to discover the scene will win a 3D package from LG – so get guessing.

The Life’s Good Lounge Q&A can be accessed above, via LG’s website or even on the brands Facebook Fanpage. If Facebook’s not your thing you can pose your questions directly on Twitter using the handle @asklg3dtv to receive an answer in your Tweet stream.

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