LG DVS450H – An Unappealing Name For An Appealing DVD Player

Posted on Aug 31 2008 - 1:57am by Richard Sharp

LG DVS450HDVDs and DVD players have long been cast from the realms of sexy inanimate objects and are more of a virtually necessary evil. The fact is that most designs were flawed because while TVs stood atop cabinets and were flanked or supported by rectangular box shaped devices, that same form was the only one that would ever really be accepted.

Well, technological objectophiles have reason to celebrate and it’s thanks to LG on this occasion, who have released what could certainly be considered a slinky little number in black. Unfortunately, while it looks good, LG failed to follow suit with the naming of the LG DVS450H – the LG Slinky or LG Sleek would have been much better.

Even more happily, it will work stood up or led down and, if you’re that sort, you can pin it to your wall like posters of Kelly Brook on ad adolescent’s bedroom wall. It has a single HDMI port and is now customary it will take boring, less than sexy DVDs and attempt to pimp them out in full HD style. It also has a USB port so you can connect a storage device or media player.

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  1. High Pressure Cleane October 27, 2010 at 9:02 pm - Reply

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