LG OLED 31 Inch TV At IFA Berlin 2010

Posted on Sep 4 2010 - 10:45pm by Richard Sharp

LG wowed the gadget world when they launched their 15 inch OLED TV last year and the trend continued at this years trade fair IFA in Berlin. We were lucky enough to attend and take a detailed look at a prototype model of LG’s brand new 31 inch OLED and spoke with George Mead about the details surrounding the future of TV display.

From the front the 31 inch oled looks like a very crisp photograph that has been professionally framed and then mounted flush on the wall. Seriously this photograph proves our point, it looks almost photo shopped in – it’s just that good looking and thin (2.9mm to be exact).

The LG OLED 3D is most impressive

The 31 inch screen (1920 x 1080) offers full HD and is 3D cross talk free, we tried out the screen at the show and LG really have hit the nail on the head with this TV, they claim an infinite contrast ratio and from the various positions we stood and took pictures we would have to confirm the claims.

The TV is equally beautiful and impressive from both the side and rear profile, LG had set up the stand with a rotating plinth so we could get a fantastic view of the whole TV. At this stage it is still a prototype but looks amazing, people where literally looking at it in awe. At one stage we even spotted two guys in Panasonic shirts looking at the units on display, they looked green with envy.

When quizzed on the price George Mead commented “At this stage the 31 inch OLED is a prototype, we do not have a price for it yet”. All was said with a tiny grin on his face which suggested it won’t be cheap (some blogs have estimated prices in excess of £6000). After speaking with LG it was clear they are proud of their product and they should be. In our opinion they have created the future of television, we walked away from their stand with a smile on our face, a few videos  and some fantastic photographs to share with you all.

Gallery of LG OLED 31 Inch tv

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