LG to Sell Spectacular Giant OLED TVs

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 9:10am by Robert

Word has come out from technology firm LG that they will soon be selling the world’s first 4k ultra high-definition TV sets with OLED panels.

The first models to go on sale are curved 65 inch (165cm) TV and a 77 inch (195cm) sets that will be sold in Europe as well as North America and South Korea. LG has announced that it will be selling these models from September onwards.

Will It Be a Success?


Opinion among experts appears to be split between whether this is likely to be a successful move by LG. It is certainly the case that other electronics giants such as Sony and Panasonic have previously showcased this type of technology (at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013). However, LG is the first company to announce that it is going ahead to put a TV of this type onto general release.

The problem with rolling out this kind of technology in the past has been twofold; a high error rate in the production process and the cost of making these TV sets. At the time of writing, the TV can be pre-ordered in South Korea, while they will be available for sale in the UK and the other selected markets shortly.

The new model from LG promises an incredibly vibrant display and impressive resolution, as well as a classy curved look. Hyun-Hwoi Ha is the President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment. He said that the LG 4K OLED TV will “change the dynamics” of the next generation TV market and that it will also play a big part in “reshaping our industry”.

Would you be interested in a cutting edge TV set like this?

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