Liquid Metal Based CPU Cooling System

Posted on Jul 19 2008 - 11:19pm by Richard Sharp

Liquid Metal Based CoolingIt’s a shame, in many respects, to learn that the image is of a CPU cooler because it looks so cool. Terms like liquid metal based cooler do little to make it any less cool either, although it could be some time before it’s actually released. The exact details of the liquid metal are being kept a closely guarded secret but suggestions include the same liquid metal from the Terminator films or mercury.

Perhaps liquid metal is more a descriptive term and its actually created using miniature replicators from Stargate SG1. Obviously, they’d have to have had their base code rewritten in order that they don’t attempt to become human form replicators and destroy all of human kind, but theoretically…

Perhaps the most sensible suggestion is the wait and see, view the banchmarks, read the reviews, and get the latest news as it floods in in the coming months. The only details there are so far, are that it’s designed by a company called Danamics and the technology allows for more effective, efficient, and quieter cooling than water cooling systems offer. You’d think they’d let the 95% of the world’s population using jet engine fans to convert to water first.

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