Little Blue Robot Climbs The Grand Canyon

Posted on May 29 2008 - 3:30am by Richard Sharp

Panasonic Evolta Robot Climbs Grand CanyonWe seem to have a bit of a thing for robots at the moment. We brought you details of ApriAlpha (the ultra intelligent robot from Toshiba) as well as a DVD projecting R2-D2 (the ultra expensive, though cool, DVD projector from Nikkon. Thanks to Gizmodo we’ve now got the robot that climbed the Grand Canyon.

Apparently, it’s some kind of stunt to promote the new Evolta battery from Panasonic, but we just like the little blue dude on a rope. For the sake of clarity though, the Evolta battery is an extra-long life AA alkaline battery that is designed to last. The Evolta Robot, the flag flyer for the new Panasonic batteries, scaled a cliff more than 500m high in the Grand Canyon.

The batteries are only available in Japan which is probably the only place you can find a robot that will climb up the Grand Canyon (apart from at the Grand Canyon) as well. They have entered the Guiness Book of Records for being the longest lasting batteries in the world. The Evolta bunny… sorry, robot made it to the top in 6 hours 45 minutes and was still running sweet when he got to the top.

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