Live Fantasy Football Game Launched For New Premier Season

Posted on Aug 13 2010 - 11:34am by Matt Jackson

The Premiership season kicks off tomorrow and while many people’s attention may be taken the antics of the Big Four or one of the smallest clubs in Premier history, Blackpool, fans of fantasy football games have a new way to enjoy games. The PickLive website is a new fantasy football like game that enables players to choose 3 players for televised games and then play in short 7.5 minute matches against 10 other people in a game room.

As yet we can’t find any way of winning money but with 17 different ways to score or indeed lose points it’s pretty in depth and according to the game creators an average 90 minute match would have around 1,200 scoring events compared to 15 in more typical fantasy football games.

There’s a very good selection of games in which you can take part and once you’ve signed up you choose 3 players from a match rather than the usual 11. As the game progresses, scores are updated in real time and you can even make 3 live substitutions as the game progresses.

The game went through its final test phase during the World Cup and the team behind the game say that tests went better than they could have ever hoped for and this led to the release of the game just in time for the start of the Premiership campaign.

Lets face it, much as we love the game of football, some of the matches can be incredibly dull and make 90 minutes feel like a prison sentence. Putting money on the game can help to improve the situation a little but not everybody wants to gamble away their wages getting scores wrong. PickLive looks like it could prove to be a fun and entertaining way to supplement the enjoyment of any game and you can play against mates too.

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