Live Longer with Google (Maybe)

Posted on Oct 3 2013 - 8:00pm by Thomas Sharp

It is always interesting to hear of a new Google project, because the company has come out with some weird and wonderful stuff in the past.

Well, after the self drive cars and the weather balloons, Google has decided to help up live longer and more healthily. Which is nice.

Details on the new project are pretty thin on the ground but we do know that Google has formed a new company called Calico to deal with it. Calico is being run by Arthur Levinson, who is also the chairman of Apple and Genentech.

Looking for Moonshot Thinking

googleAccording to Google co-founder Larry Page’s blog post, Calico will be looking at “health and wellbeing” with a particular emphasis being placed on “ageing and associated diseases”. He went on to talk about how “moonshot thinking” could help to improve “millions of lives”.  Previously, he has questioned in interviews whether or not scientific research is going in the right direction just now.

While we don’t know what on Earth this moonshot thinking could come up with, some analysts believe that Google is ideally placed for this project. This is because the company has massive databases of varying subjects.

One example of how data can be used in dealing with health issues comes from the use of data analytics to predict who may get certain diseases, work which currently done by EMC.

Who knows, maybe in time Google will find the fountain of eternal youth. Mr Page and fellow co-founder Sergey Brin have both had personal reasons to consider the importance of good health in recent years and it seems as that they are going to try their hardest to help find some solutions.


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