Loc8tor the simple solution for finding just about anything

Posted on Apr 30 2009 - 9:40pm by Richard Sharp

loc8tor2Recently exhibiting at the Gadget Show Live 2009 was a company supplying a very handy device for locating lost or mislaid important items such as keys, mobile phones or even a car in the local car park. Loc8tor is a fantastic gadget that will bring some comfort to those that have panicked not knowing where they have parked the car in a multi-storey car park. However there is another extremely handy use for this gadget and that is locating children, pets or even elderly confused relatives.

The Loc8tor uses simple radio frequency technology plus more modern sophisticated technology to offer the ideal solution to some of the everyday annoyances that many of us have to contend with. Maybe the panic of losing a child in a crowded shopping centre, or a straying cat or dog, or a confused parent who wanders if the door is not locked, all these things can be remedied with this ideal gadget. All that needs to be done to start the operation is to tag the item / items / people that you would like to be able to trace in an emergency. It even comes complete with a panic alarm.

The Loc8tor plus has a personalised drop down menu where you can select the item or person you wish to track, then once you have made the selection the handset will register the tag and will send both audio and visual messages to the user to allow for tracing. The Loc8tor has a range of 600 feet and can provide sufficient information to the user to bring them within one inch of the tagged item; the tag will also sound audio and visual alerts to make tracking easier.

The Loc8tor has many business uses for instance tracing important assets and theft prevention; it has even been used for tracing livestock. Prices for an entry level Loc8tor unit and 3 tags, one panic tag, key ring loops and batteries is £99.99, with the option to purchase extra tags and accessories such as wrist cases and splash proof tag covers.

You will never lose that elderly relative again with the Loc8tor, and if you are that elderly relative – you will never lose that car / son / daughter or house again!

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