London to Become a 5G City in 2020

Posted on Jul 30 2014 - 10:45pm by Paul

Internet users in London will be pleased to see that the capital will soon be a 5G city. If you thought that 4G was fast then wait until you see how fast 5G is.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that the city will be ready for 5G by 2020. This is expected to make it the first major city to offer a 5G mobile network. The scheme is part of the plans to invest in London over the long term in the Infrastructure Plan for London.

Johnson is quoted as saying that the UK capital is becoming the “tech capital of Europe”. They want to make sure that everyone who lives there can get the “very best digital connectivity”.

The Rest of the Country After London


The good news for the rest of the country is that the 5G network is going to be rolled out to other cities after it has started up in London. The University of Surrey is going to be involved in the roll out.

The appearance of 5G connectivity isn’t the only technological advance that the Mayor of London has been talking about. Boris Johnson also said that there will be broadband speed data made available, to help home buyers and tenants see what they are going to get. They will also map out which parts of the city are most in need of a better internet service.

5G mobile network testing has already been carried out by Ericcson. The results of the tests were positive, with speeds of up 5Gbps reported.

Do you think that 5G is needed where you live?

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