MacBook Air refresh coming next week, not this week

Posted on Jul 15 2011 - 2:03pm by Julius

Reports say that the refresh of the 2011 MacBook Air will arrive next week, not this week, and it will come with improved minimum specs.

The highly-anticipated refresh of Apple’s super thin laptop will come with at least 128 GB SSD (from 64 GB) and 4 GB of RAM (from 2GB). The popular backlit keyboards will also return, along with Sandy Bridge processors from Intel and the Thunderbolt I/O connectivity.

It was reported by tech website All Things D that Apple will be shipping the new MacBook Airs and MacBooks by Thursday or Friday. The release may be preceded by the Mac OS X Lion, which was expected to be launched yesterday but didn’t.

According to the website, “Several sources indicate that the company plans to uncrate the eagerly anticipated updates to its MacBook Air line late next week: ‘The rumor sites are off by a week.'”

The delay of the launch of the MacBook Air and Mac OS X Lion would give Apple’s developers more time to optimize their applications and to make sure that Mac users have the best experience.

It was also previously reported that Apple will not release new versions of MacBooks, MacBook Airs and Mac Towers before their new Mac OS X Lion is released. This means that we have to wait for the launch of the new OS before we can get out hands to the new notebooks.

Lion-compatible apps have been appearing in the Mac App Store, which is an indicator that the new OS will be released anytime soon.


via: All Things D

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