MacBook Air Release Date to Coincide with OSx Lion

Posted on Jun 17 2011 - 8:02pm by Robert

Those of you waiting to get your mitts on the new MacBook Air might have to wait a little longer as the Cupertino brand is tipped to launch their new ultra-thin notebook alongside OSx Lion in July.

The news comes from Apple Insider who say Apple are actively holding back the release of any new hardware until Lion is available on the app store. This will mean that the new MacBook Air will come with Lion pre-installed, which will save buyers £20.99 and the hassle of having to download the 4GB update from the Mac App store.

Other hardware, including a new MacMini is also due for a refresh although the MacBook Air will probably be released first.

At this stage their is no official release date for OSx Lion, so naturally there is no release date for the MacBook Air either. Apple is rumored to be using new intel sandybridge processors in the new MacBook Air and will include the all new thunderbolt port seen on the 2011 iMac range.

OSX Lion will bring all the best bits from iOS and integrate them for mac users, this includes a new email app, full screen apps and full syncing with other iOS devices via the new iCloud service.

Are you waiting to buy the New Air, and would you prefer it came pre-loaded with Lion?

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