Man Proposes with Home Brew Harry Potter Android App

Posted on May 20 2011 - 4:15pm by Robert

Want a cool and extremely geeky way to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Believe it or not there is an app for that, well there is if you have the knowhow and a little patience at least. A photographer named John Hodgson, of, has published how he created a bespoke Harry Potter themed Android application to pop the question to his long term girlfriend Meghan.

The ploy started when John build the rather convincing app using Google’s app inventor, he swiped a load of authentic graphics and began building a Harry Potter themed quiz app. The first few questions were simple and built up to the biggest question he would ever ask in his life, although at the time he wasn’t officially asking it.

Up pops “will you marry me Meghan?” with yes or no answer boxes below, thankfully Meghan said yes and the message was sent via SMS to John. After the final answer a photograph accompanied an extract from the book shows Harry kissing Ginny, so a happy ending all round.

On his website John has included the screenshots of the whole app including a confirmation screen Meghan would have seen if she had said no. Understandably it shows a cartoon Snape hitting Dumbledore with a death curse, thankfully this screen was never used but just goes to show John was prepared for every eventuality.

Have you seen or heard of any other geeky ways to propose?

Source: John Q via Uber Gizmo

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