Marin Mount Vision 2010 Bike Review

Posted on Jun 30 2010 - 10:48am by Richard Sharp

The new version of the Marin Mount Vision promises several significant improvements over previous generations. It claims to be lighter but with better grip and improved handling. Considering that this bike has many awards and bike of the year competitions in the past you may doubt whether the 2010 overhaul is really just a collection of little tweaks to an already impressive bike. Let’s have a look and see.


28lbs of bike is what you get with the Marin Mountain Vision 2010. This is a good bit lighter than older models and professionals will undoubtedly feel the difference when they crank up to top speeds. More casual cyclists will get the benefit of the weight reduction if they have to heave it onto their roof rack or from one place to another.

Notable Specifications

The most notable additions are the lighter slacker head angled the Quad link rear suspension. Experienced riders will notice the effect of the Fox RP23 shock.


Better grip lets you climb up steep, wet or tight hills. Improved rear suspension and slacker head angle let you go downhill without any worries.   The excellent, active suspension and overall lightness give you a better and more fun ride.

This is a bike which serious riders like and aren’t afraid to take out on difficult climbs and descents. However, the reasonable price and ease of use also makes it attractive to less committed cyclists and people who are maybe interested in taking up the sport but don’t want to splash out too much before giving it a proper try.

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