Martin Fields Screen Protector Apple iPhone 3GS Review

Posted on Aug 27 2009 - 9:55pm by Richard Sharp

martin-fieldsNow that you’ve splashed out on the latest Apple iPhone 3GS, you’re likely to want your new shiny gadget to stay looking that way. Unfortunately, many screen protectors can have problems, particularly on touch sensitive devices like the iPhone, such as problems with brightness, poor adhesion, over adhesion (leaving marks after removal), or simply making the screen less sensitive to your input. The purpose of the Martin Fields Screen Protector is to avoid premature damage to your iPod, caused by keys, coins, or general handling and stylus input into the device. The iPhone is especially prone to this sort of damage, given its design which maximises screen size and relies on the screen for navigation (as well as the phone in general being built primarily around its style). Using a screen protector therefore becomes a necessity if you want your iPhone to look reasonable for more than a maximum of a few months.

The Martin Fields Screen Protector is in the higher price bracket of iPhone screen protectors, although there are other ones at a similar price, so it is not the single most expensive one and is priced at around £12 to £15. Bearing in mind the cost of your iPhone in the first place (and the fact that it is likely on a long contract term), cost should not necessarily be a factor when choosing accessories. A slight criticism of the Martin Fields Screen Protector might be that it can make fingerprints more noticeable than if you didn’t use one – but this is only because the surface is so shiny to begin with (conversely, fingerprints are barely noticeable on a worn, scratched screen). The screen protector can be easily wiped clean, giving you a long time of usage before you need to think about replacement. The screen protector also offers UV protection to maintain the LCD in your iPhone’s screen, giving it extra longevity, as well as an enduring ‘new’ appearance. Rather than making your screen less responsive to the touch, which can be the effect of some screen protectors, the Martin Fields iPhone Screen Protector can actually make your iPhone easier to use by providing a more tactile surface for styluses and for your hands. Some people will be put off by screen protectors that increase the thickness of the screen, as it can ruin the sleek appeal of spending your money on the latest device, especially as some screen protectors can be up to half a millimetre thick. The Martin Fields Screen Protector is unnoticeable when applied, at only one fifth of a millimetre (0.2 mm) in thickness, meaning nobody would know it was there unless you told them.


Many screen protectors claim to be designed to reduce brightness glare, which is a rather strange inclusion, given that most devices can be dimmed manually and that brightness is generally desired (although it can make it easier to use in bright daylight). The Martin Fields Screen Protector, however, offers you the same level of clarity as you would experience if the accessory were not even in place. The accessory manages to deliver this, while still offering polarised anti glare, which gives a noticeable improvement when the iPhone is used in harsh artificial light or outdoors. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants to keep their iPhone looking new and standard, rather than having obvious accessories added. Some screen protectors stay in place by tucking into the corner of the device they are attached to, while others work by sticking to the screen using natural static. However, both of these can become easily undone, defeating the protector’s purpose and potentially damaging the protector itself while in your pocket. The Martin Fields Screen Protector uses a mild adhesive which allows you to position it easily on the iPhone’s front, while still being able to remove it later on without any permanent marking left. Applying the Martin Fields Screen Protector is quick and easy and the most difficult part is lining it up squarely on your screen (although you do get the chance to ‘try again’ if you fail with this particular one). Simply use a plastic card to smooth out the protector as you lay it onto your screen, avoiding trapping any bubbles between it and the screen. The light adhesive is durable and can survive gentle cleaning, allowing you to ‘refresh’ the screen protector every so often. This also means that the Martin Fields Screen Protector is reusable, making it a valuable investment to protect your iPhone for many years to come.

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