Messless Charging Station Review

Posted on Jul 6 2010 - 4:56pm by Richard Sharp

Every now and then you see a gadget and think, “Ooh, I wish I had though of that first”. In the modern world, where even grannies and Albanian farmers have iPods and mobile phones, a messless charging station is the next logical step. I know that there are other options out there but the Messless Charging Station has a cleaner, classier look which I like.


They have rather sensibly kept this one nice and simple. It weights less than half a kilo and has an 8 inch diameter. In fact, it looks like a miniature version of a glass topped table.


You simply plug the messless charging station into your favourite mains socket, plug in the appropriate connector for the item you want to recharge and away you go. The key point is to check that it comes with the range of connectors which meet your needs. It comes with 6 connectors; one each for Nokia, Nokia mini, Mini USB, iPod/iPhone, PSP/Sony Reader and Sony Ericcson K750. For the moment there is no option to buy individual connectors but this is surely something which will be made available in the future.


While hardly an essential item I can’t help feeling that this would be £60 well spent for a lot of gadget-heavy people. A good purchase for a numerous family of technology lovers perhaps.

Iwoot price £49.99 – A tenner cheaper than RRP

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