Microsoft discontinues glossy Xbox 360s for matte finish

Posted on Aug 16 2011 - 1:46pm by Thomas Sharp

For unknown reasons, Microsoft will be discontinuing the production of the glossy Xbox 360 in favor of a matte finish.

“We are actively transitioning all our Xbox 360 S consoles to a matte finish,” wrote Microsoft’s Director of Programming for Xbox Live Major Nelson on his blog.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 S console, which was unveiled last year at the E3 conference, is available in a 250 GB model that has a glossy finish and a 4 GB version with a matte surface. Prior to the release of the Xbox 360 S, Microsoft Corp. has offered black and white matte finishes on its Xbox.

Microsoft is now following a move its rival, Sony, has already made. Sony’s first generation PlayStation 3 consoles featured a glossy finish, but due to its attraction to fingerprints, they did not launch a glossy PlayStation 3 Slim model.

Nelson said that consumers should not wait long for the device to ship. The Xbox 360 S with matte finish will be hitting shelves in a few weeks. However, the company did not say that the glossy consoles will appear on its limited Star Wars and Gears of War 3 bundles. The Star Wars and the Gears of war 3 options are scheduled to be released this year.

At E3, Microsoft announced that they redesigned the new Xbox 360 S, which now uses a 45 nanometer system-on-a-chip called “Vejle,” which combines a CPU and GPU in a piece of silicon. It is 50 percent smaller than the original and uses 60 percent less power.


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