Microsoft finally speaks on PSN attacks

Posted on Jun 24 2011 - 10:12am by Julius

Microsoft Corporation said they were saddened by the hack attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) last April and said that it was damaging to the industry.

In an interview with Industry Gamers, Dennis Durkin, the chief operating officer of Xbox, said, “It’s bad for the industry that this has happened to Sony.”

“So we don’t wish that upon anybody and you’ve seen we’ve been actually pretty quiet on the subject because we don’t want to appear to even be looking to be taking advantage of somebody else’s situation like that. That’s just not in our DNA,” he added.

Durkin said that Microsoft Corporation does not want to see other companies suffer from these attacks. In April, Sony’s PlayStation Network was attacked by hackers who may have stolen users’ personal and credit card details.

It was reported that Sony lost about $171 million following the outage. The loss includes security improvement expenses, impact on future profits and “Welcome Back” packages for users.

Sony is now trying to win back the trust of their users, who were disappointed by the company’s lack of protection. The widespread attack on PSN and PC networks affected over 100 million users. Since then, a welcome back pack has been put in place to try and regain PSN users trust in the brand but many are still suffering intermittent downtime.

Has your trust in Sony and the PSN been shaken by the recent events?

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