Microsoft May Launch Office in Apple Mac App Store

Posted on Jan 30 2011 - 7:59pm by Richard Sharp

Last year Apple owners were hopeful that Microsoft Office would be released in app form for the iPad and iPhone, although this may be wishful thinking it hasn’t stopped rumors surfacing around an upcoming appearance of Office on the new app store.

 It looks like Microsoft may possibly make a u turn on previous decisions by considering an app for the Mac app store. Microsoft’s Amanda Lefebvre when speaking with all things digital revealed some small hope she said, “It’s something we are looking at.” So no guarantees but at least they are thinking about it.

 She basically explained that Microsoft haven’t ruled out an app but did remind people that Office is available in many other places and formats – nothing like a bit of sales spiel. 

 Should Microsoft decide to  ahead without the app they will go into direct competition with Apple’s own iWork office suite – no mean feat when you consider a large user base are Apple converts used to their publishing software.

 You must also consider the fees for selling on the app store, Apple currently takes a 30% slice of all sales, another reason Microsoft may be reluctant to push their products on the third party platform.

 Do you think Microsoft should launch Office on the Mac App store or dare we say it on the iPad?

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