Microsoft Openness Argument Wages On

Posted on Apr 25 2008 - 2:48am by Richard Sharp

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft and their policies on openness are always a hot topic. A recent announcement declared that the software behemoth would be releasing a web platform known as Live Mesh.

Live Mesh aims to connect a user’s online and offline activities enabling them to work on any project regardless of where they are or what PC they are at.

Live Mesh is a genuinely bold bid that not only aims to bring together all of our computing activities, but also integrate every web enabled device in the same manner. Currently, many consumers complain that buying and using a new web enabled device as part of their daily lives makes things more difficult, at least in the short term.

As is often the case with any new product announcement, many are questioning the openness of the new Mesh system. While Microsoft has stated that it will run on open standards, some remain skeptical – based on a lifetime of Microsoft attempting to tie users down to using Microsoft products for virtually everything they do.

One thing that the new release does show is that Microsoft is taking the Internet much more seriously and intends to develop more products for what they now see as being their most important avenue of development.

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