Microsoft Phone 7 Launching Monday – Will It Be Their Saviour?

Posted on Oct 8 2010 - 9:02pm by Matt Jackson

Apple and Google have got a pitch battle for the main smartphone crowd while RIM’s Blackberry smartphones put in a real good show of things when it comes to more business minded people. However, that’s not all that many operating systems and yet the market already seems crowded out with Microsoft struggling to find a way in. Their failure to enter the market is as much to do with their own poor choice in mobile phones to manufacture as it is the fact that the smartphone market is so busy but that’s by the by.

Analysts predict that the release and subsequent success or otherwise of the Phone 7 operating system could either make or break the software giant and its easy to see where they’re coming from.

Microsoft Logo

While the wheels haven’t exactly fallen off the Microsoft bus completely, they’re feeling a little less stable than they once were. Their monopoly over Internet browser software has been pulled apart by a new ruling which means that they must offer an alternative to Internet Explorer so that consumers have the choice. This has helped push their browser market share down below 50% with Google Chrome picking up a lot of the strays.

Google has also become a bit of a thorn in their side when it comes to smartphones and mobile phones. Microsoft probably never imagined that a search engine would release an open source mobile operating system that would prove vastly superior to their own but that’s exactly what has happened.

On Monday they will announce the lineup of phones that will include the new operating system and this will be a crucial announcement. The phones need to grab the attention of a broader market than their earlier efforts have and they need to keep that momentum going once it starts too.

Will they manage it, is the question.

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