Microsoft XP Home Available For £13

Posted on May 13 2008 - 1:05pm by Richard Sharp

Although, unfortunately, not to you and I. Microsoft announced several weeks back that it would continue supplying the XP operating system to all countries, but especially developing countries – it also announced at that time, that they would drastically reduce the price for those markets. However, the actual price and details have only just been released and they are quite impressive.

Microsoft XP Available To Manufacturers For £13Microsoft is attempting to take on Linux and Unix based systems by ensuring that new computers include one of their operating systems. While higher specification computers in the developed world will not be privvy to any price cuts, and will be expected to offer Vista, lower cost PCs will still be able to offer XP, and manufacturers will be able to buy a copy for £16.

In order to limit the number of manufacturers and systems that will receive this price cut, Microsoft has stated that only computers with screens 10.2 inches or smaller (but not touch screens) and with a hard drive of 80GB or less will be able to benefit these surprisingly impressive prices. This news comes in the wake of the fact that many manufacturers are finding a way to continue supplying XP – they are doing this because it remains much more popular than the Vista system.

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