Motion-sensitive controller for PS3 imminent

Posted on Jan 27 2010 - 6:10pm by simon

Although speculation has been heating up for a while, it now appears that Sony is definitely gearing up for the launch of its first truly motion-sensitive controller for its PlayStation 3 console.

The first stirrings began back in August 2009 when Sony hinted that it was developing a control scheme that would rival the Wii’s remote and nunchuck setup. Since then Sony has been keeping quiet about the product, but a launch in the spring of 2010 has always been on the cards.

The latest development comes after Sony bought a domain name ‘’, which has led many to claim that the motion controller will be named the ‘Arc’ when it finally arrives. Various code names have been attached to the project since its inception, with an EA exec accidentally revealing that he had heard it would be called the ‘Gem’.

Most industry observers expect that Sony will give the Arc, or whatever the name ultimately chosen may be, a full unveiling at the E3 gaming convention in June this year. As with the Wii Remote, it is likely to require a sensor that sits atop your television to detect motion, as well as using onboard accelerometers, which means that those who own both a Wii and a PS3 will be stacking up their sensor bars on top of the TV later in the year.

The PS3 motion controller is likely to be a direct rival to Microsoft’s Project Natal on the Xbox 360, which should also be arriving in the second half of 2010.

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