Myst Creators Want Money for a New Game

Posted on Oct 27 2013 - 1:36am by Richard Sharp

The people behind the classic Myst game are looking for cash to start a new venture.

The name of the company is Cyan Worlds and they want to raise $1.1 million, which is £679,000, in order to produce their latest game. They have turned to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to try to get the money together.

Initial response has been good too:


The creators of legendary adventure game are seeking cash for a new game via Kickstarter. The proposed name of the new title is Obduction and it is said to be a spiritual successor to their earlier games Myst and Riven.

2015 Release Planned

mystIf they manage to get together the cash needed to go ahead then the plan is to get Obduction out in PC and Mac version in time for the summer of 2015.

Myst came out way back in 1993 and brought a new type of gaming to our screens and the people at Cyan say that they want to take the same of gameplay approach with Obduction but taking advantage of modern computers’ power.

The planned new game is said to use to the Unreal 4 development engine to help build an intricately details far off land where players start out from. The player will then need to solve lots of puzzles as they try to figure out why they have been abducted and left in this distant planet.

The idea is that they raise the money to get the basic version of Obduction out to players. They would then use any extra money gained to make the game bigger and make it available on other gaming devices too.

Would you like to see a new Myst game?

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