Napster Launch iOS and Android Wireless Streaming Plans

Posted on May 19 2011 - 12:12pm by Richard Sharp

Napster has once again evolved the way it delivers music to the masses, gone are the days of dodgy downloads and lawsuits. Napster went legit a few years ago with a web based platform that provides a catalogue of over 15 million songs, the boffins at Napster HQ could see a threat in streaming services such as Spotify and today announced Napster Unlimited plus Mobile.

This service will basically give unlimited wireless access to the entire Napster catalogue for £10 a month, users will be able to stream music over wi-fi or 3G or download tracks to take with them. A £5 a month service allows users to download tracks from home without the ability to stream or download over the air when out and about, however, wireless music streamers and compatible TV’s as well as your other devices will all still work wirelessly in the home.

Napster also offer their own playlist discovery and recommended music features based on user preferences and download behavior. A neat addition is the radio recommendations feature which hunts down niche radio stations around the world using your catalogue of music.

Thorsten Schliesche, Napster’s VP of Sales, explained: “Napster strives to offer music lovers the opportunity to listen to music without barriers and with complete freedom, empowering users to take the music they love and discover on the move and access via multiple platforms. We are also committed to expanding freedom of access to streaming devices around the home and entertainment systems by integrating Napster services with devices such as internet connected TVs and wireless home audio systems.”

The Android and iOS apps are available to download now via their respective app stores, both are free to download but obviously require a subscription to access Napster.

Do you think Napster’s new streaming service can compete with Spotify or other cloud based music services?


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