Native Gmail app for iOS to be approved

Posted on Nov 3 2011 - 9:14pm by Thomas Sharp

A native Gmail app for Apple’s iOS devices could see the light of day soon, after more than three years since the company launched the App Store.

Tech news writer M.G. Seigler wrote in a blog post that a number of sources told him that the app’s release is imminent.

“Google is on the verge of launching their native Gmail app, multiple sources tell me,” Seigler wrote in his blog. “In fact, I believe it has already been submitted to Apple for review. If it gets approved, it should be out soon. And I think it’s going to be approved.”

Gmail, along with other email services, has been accessible on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through its pre-loaded email client and Gmail is accessible via Google’s web application, so this will not be the first time that users will be able to use their Gmail on iOS. The app, however, will provide users with push notifications and a better interface.

Seigler also speculated that new features of the Gmail app will include contact icons, deep searching functionality and better threading. Even Google+ integration will be included, he added.

One of the reasons why a native Gmail app has been delayed has been Apple’s blocking of third-party mail apps.

According to his recently released biography, Steve Jobs has vowed to eliminate Android after HTC released an Android-powered smartphone that he said stole the innovations of Apple.


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