NAVMAN M400 GPS Sat Nav System Review

Posted on Jul 5 2010 - 9:44am by Richard Sharp

Are you fed up turning up to events 3 hours late because you took the wrong turning? Does your blood boil when you have to do another u-turn because the designated map reader has spent the last hour reading the thing upside down? Sat Nav systems are now so common place and cheap that if you don’t buy one it is probably because you don’t want one. Maybe you like the thrill of the unknown or the adrenalin rush of the u-turns. Anyway, let’s look at the Navman M400 GPS Sat Nav system, to see if you change your mind.


The Navman M400 GPS Sat Nav System is pretty much what you would expect, really. This machine is small and lightweight and weighs in at a nimble 152 grams. The touch screen display is a very healthy 4.3 inches.

Notable Specification

It comes with UK, Ireland and Europe loaded and a few options which you probably won’t find on cheaper models There is lane guidance, NavPix photo navigation, a speed camera database for you naughty boys and an extremely quick fix speed to avoid a long wait for the information to load. I particularly like the NavPix photo. If you don’t know where you fancy driving to just click on a photo which interests you and off you go.


I know a lot of people prefer manually finding their way when driving. This is fair enough for experienced drivers or people who cover the same route often. Occasional drivers or those who explore foreign fields, either for work or pleasure, will find that one of these gadgets helps you get to your destination with less hassle.  There are cheaper models on the market but at a smidgen under £200 you get a good deal for your money with the Navman M400.

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