Nearparent social networking app gives parents peace of mind

Posted on Jul 28 2011 - 4:34pm by Robert

Finland-based app development company Nearparent Ltd. has recently announced the launch of its Nearparent mobile app that enables parents to build a network of adults to assist their children when in need. The location-based mobile app is available for iOS and Android mobile devises and is also compatible for non-smartphone users via SMS.

Nearparent is a closed social network that features strong privacy controls to keep the personal information of both the child and the parent safe from other users. When a parent adds his/her child to Nearparent, the app asks if they would like to invite other trusted adults to their network in order to help their child. Parents will always have control of who are included in their network.

“Nearparent gives the child user a real sense of empowerment and control, as they know there is a broader network of adults who can help them,” said Topi Jarvinen, one of the makers of the Nearparent app. “It’s not a tool for tracking the child’s every move, it’s simply a fast and trusted resource that parents can use to help their child in need.”

A ‘check-in’ feature enables children to post their locations so their parents are able to track them easily. All it takes is a single click for children to share their location.

“Nearparent is an innovative location-based app that improves children’s well-being while also giving adults additional peace of mind. Having a trusted group of interconnected friends who can help your child is a great safety net. The app also helps bring people together in a deeper way, building a sense of community that can be lost in the internet age,” Jarvinen added.

Nearparent is a wonderful idea that gives parents some peace of mind. By building a network of trusted adults in their area, this app will help protect more children from danger.


via: Ubergizmo

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