New Apple iPhone 3GS, not everyone happy

Posted on Jun 16 2009 - 9:00pm by Richard Sharp

Pretty much the whole world must be aware that the new Apple iPhone 3GS launches on the 19th June, and unfortunately there are some disappointments for those who already have an iPhone contract. Yes, it is true that there is a free software update available as from the 17th June that will provide a whole stack of new functions for existing iPhone users, and the software update will provide a much improved smartphone experience but the truth of the matter is that some of the best bits of the new Apple iPhone 3GS, will not be available to existing iPhone users.

For existing iPhone users who want to take advantage of the new Apple iPhone 3GS and all the improvements that have been made, they will need to pay the remainder of their contract and then pay the full price for the phone – not a wholly attractive proposition for the loyal iPhone user. Mind you it does seem that many Apple iPhone users may choose to go down this route to enjoy the much improved battery life, the 3 mega pixel camera, the new tethering function, the availability of 8GB, 16GB and 32 GB versions and (our personal bug bear with the existing technology) a special screen coating that is resistant to fingerprint smudges and video recording.

The new iPhone actually has over 100 new features and of course some will not affect the average user, but others will be major annoyances to those that have had their current iPhones for some time, some new features will be available to current Iphine users such as the much anticipated copy, cut and paste function. There is a growing band of dissenters over the lack of a suitable trade in deal for existing users with complaints on forums, twitter and one user even starting a petition. There have been comments about the fact that in the US it will be possible to trade in an existing contract and as usual the UK market is treated very differently however is this down to O2 or Apple? At the end of the day iPhone fans are likely to embrace the new iPhone and not make a silent protest by not purchasing the new and very much improved Apple iPhone 3GS.

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