New Apple iPhone Patent Could Play Role in Samsung Legal Battle

Posted on Apr 20 2011 - 9:13pm by Richard Sharp

Today has been an absolute Apple fest with the latest piece of news coming from Patently Apple. The guys have discovered a new patent that has been approved for the iPhone 4, yes you read it right the iPhone 4 is now fully patent protected including the antenna that gave birth to the ‘antenna gate’ scandal back in 2010.

It’s all rather odd to be reading about a patent when the phone has been available to buy for almost a year but that’s just the nature of patents. The full title of the patent is “iPhone 4 with Nitriding Stainless Steel Band” with full details given of the designers; if you cast your mind back to antenna gate it was widely believed that Mark Papermaster received the boot for the problem. Although he may have been the scapegoat other big names appear as designers on the patent including the kingpin – Steve Jobs.

This latest patent will be music to Apple ears as they continue to pursue legal claims against Samsung, Apple say that Samsungs Galaxy S Smartphone, the Nexus S and even the Galaxy Tab are all in breach of copyright. The Patently Apple article explains that patents are a ‘very powerful litigation tool’ so we would imagine this will come into play in the legal battle.

Source: Patently Apple

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