New Apple Phone Announced: The iPhone 4S Not the iPhone 5

Posted on Oct 4 2011 - 10:20pm by Robert

Well, the Apple ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event held today didn’t disappoint those of us expecting to hear about a launch of a spanking new phone. What it did do however was give us a different phone from the one which was most widely expected. After months of leaks and rumours most people were expecting to see the all new iPhone 5 presented at the event.

Instead of introducing us to the iPhone 5 it was left to Phil Shiller from the company to bring the world the iPhone 4S. It is going to be available to eager UK consumers on the 14th of October. It can be pre ordered from the 7th of October and Shiller said that it is “entirely new” inside the familiar looking casing. So what does the iPhone 4S offer?

The Specs

The Apple iPhone 4S has a whopping 1GHz A5 dual core chip just like the iPad 2 has. The camera has been bumped up to an 8 mega pixel job and it now offers1080p Full video recording, face detection and macro snap taking to us.

Apple has also integrated all new Siri voice control features, after buying out the firm last year.

As regards the outer look, black and white are the colours you get to choose from and the look is as sleek and modern as you would expect. It also has the iOS 5 system, Twitter integration and up to a 64GB storage capability.

What about the Price?

iPhone 4s white and blackThe UK prices haven’t yet been revealed but the US prices are as follows; 16GB at $199, 32GB at $299 and 64GB at $399. Time to look out the currency convertor I think.
What do you think of the launch of the iPhone 4S? Is there something missing which you would like to have seen added to it or as you just dying to get your hands on one on the 14th of October?

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