New Firefox Security Threat

Posted on Aug 19 2008 - 4:08am by Richard Sharp

Firefox Security ThreatOne of the most damning things about Firefox’s recent incresae in popularity is the fact that it has already become more prone to security threats. Spam and malware have often been considered the plague of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – hackers tend to concentrate their efforts on IE because of its market share but as Firefox is now boasting a greater market share than ever before it has obviously become a ore viable target for attack.

The most recent attack copies a web link to your clipboard where you typically copy text yourself. If clicked, this link directs the user to a spoof website selling fake security software. The intention of the security threat is fairly obvious and common – to try and take your money without actually providing anything in exchange.

The elaborate nature of a lot of these pieces of malicious software makes you wonder about the people that create them. Some probably have the talent to produce their own anti spyware and anti virus software but choose to strike from the other side of the fence instead. Either they really don’t want to earn money legitimately or the financial draw and the buzz of creating software to steal money off people is just too much of a temptation.

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