New form of phishing attacks target your Apple ID

Posted on Dec 6 2011 - 9:04am by Julius

Users who receive an email from the Apple Store that seems to be a billing statement may have to think twice before they reply because chances are it is a new form of phishing scam.

According to security firm Sophos, the latest phishing attack appears to fool computer users with Apple accounts to give attackers their account information.

“With more and more people having Apple IDs (used by millions for purchasing software from the Mac or iPhone App stores, or downloading music and movies from iTunes) it’s inevitable that criminals will show an interest in stealing your credentials,” Sophos wrote in a blog post.

The firm said that scammers send out an email that looks like a legitimate email from Apple, saying that the account billing records of the customer are out of date. The email then asks them to update the data and warning them that the account will be terminated if they fail to do so. They will then be asked to click on a link and enter their login information to confirm their billing info records.

Sophos noted that upon hovering over the link, it points out to a German website instead of the Apple Store Site.

“The emails appear to be being spammed out widely, and not just to Apple Store users. The cybercriminals are taking a shotgun approach, hoping that a good proportion of recipients have Apple IDs and might be fooled into handing over their details,” the security firm added.


via: PC Advisor

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