New Pebble Watches Unveiled

Posted on Jun 21 2016 - 1:34pm by Robert

The Pebble smartwatch was one of the original gadgets of this type, and it was pretty successful too.

This watch came with a fairly basic e-paper design and raised a lot of money when it was put on Kickstarter. Pebble disappeared for a bit after that, before popping up again last year with the colour Time model.

Well, the company has now brought out a couple of exciting looking new models. These are named the Pebble 2 and the Pebble Time 2.

Probably the biggest change worth pointing out here is that both Pebble watches include built-in heart rate monitors on them.  This shows us that the manufacturer now has their sights firmly set on the health and fitness side of smartwatches.

Eric Migicovsky is the CEO of Pebble and he said that activity tracking is the second most popular use that people give to their watches, following on from communications.

Extra Health Functionality

pebble watches

This focus on health and fitness also helps to explain their moves to bring in the Pebble Core for runners and the addition of extra functionality to their Health app. Migicovsky says that they want to give people something is the best that a smartwatch offers “combined with an amazing fitness tracker”.

The Pebble 2 looks kind of similar to the original Pebble, with the same black and white e-paper design and a sporty look. It is still water-resistant up to 30 metres but now has a slimmer look. The battery life is quoted at 7 days and the model comes with 5 different colour options.

As for the Pebble Time 2, this is a bigger and updated version of the Time, although it also now comes with a steel case rather a plastic one.

Are you tempted to try one of these new Pebble watches or not?


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