New Volvo Cycle Helmet That Protects Cyclists and Drivers

Posted on Feb 12 2015 - 9:06am by Robert

Anything that keeps us safer on the road has got to be a good idea, so what about a smart bike helmet? This is something that is being worked on by Swedish car manufacturer Volvo, POC and Ericsson just now.

It works by communicating with other vehicles on the road so that cyclists and motorists know when they are getting close to each other and at risk of a collision.

The key is the cycling app Strava, as this is used to track the rider’s location. This information can then be shared with Volvo drivers in the area. Even if they can’t see any cyclists on the road this technology will allow them to know when they need to be aware of one near them.

Red Emergency Light Starts Flashing


If this safety system works out that a collision is imminent then the helmet has a red emergency light that starts flashing at this point.

Stefan Ytterbrorn is the CEO of Swedish cycling firm POC and he said that it is their mission to do all they can to help save live and to “reduce the consequences” of accidents for cyclists. He went on to say that the partnership with Volvo “aligns very well” with that mission and that they are excited about the project.

The first demonstration of this new cyclist’s safety helmet is likely to be shown off by Volvo in the 2015 CES show in January.

Would you like to wear a bike helmet with safety features like this one, or would you prefer to rely on your instincts alone?
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