New Volvo racing game – no it’s not a joke!

Posted on May 6 2009 - 8:44pm by Richard Sharp

volvos60concept_2009_01Imagine the excitement of the racetrack or a car chase, all that thrilling speed, the stomach churning rush of taking the corners just that little bit too fast and too sharp, the unmistakeable sound of squealing rubber on tarmac, maybe a handbrake turn, the buzz of crossing the finishing line. What car do you have in your mind when you imagine these experiences? A Ferrari, or something with street cred like a Subaru? Clearly what you don’t imagine is a ……………….Volvo!

Well mark your diary for the 26th May because that is exactly when a racing game featuring a Volvo S60 is released! The new racing game is collaboration between Volvo and Swedish gaming company SimBin Studios, the remit for the gaming company was to develop a game suitable for PC and which featured Volvo cars but in particular the latest S60 concept car from Volvo. Both companies are excited about the alliance of two big Swedish names to deliver a new gaming experience to the waiting public. Volvo – the game actually isn’t for sale but will be available free of charge from the Volvo website. The game will feature two tracks, three different difficulty settings and a leaderboard will also be available on the Volvo website with competitions and prizes to be won.

For all the doubting Thomas’s out there Volvo have clearly developed an original marketing concept to promote their vehicles in what is a very difficult market and for that alone they do deserve some admiration. Clearly this is not intended to be any competition for the more popular video racing games, but is an outstanding vehicle to promote the new Volvo S60 in all its glory inside and out.

Now get your flat cap, driving gloves and tartan blanket for the back seat and of course don’t forget a flask of tea for the journey and you are ready for the driving excitement of a lifetime!

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