New YouTube Service for Kids

Posted on Mar 4 2015 - 9:19pm by Robert

Any parent whose kids love to watch videos on YouTube will be pleased to see that a new service aimed at younger viewers has been launched.

It is called YouTube Kids and it has been rolled out in the US first of all, with other countries to get it later. The service can be added to Android mobile devices using a free app that is available on Google Play Store. YouTube Kids is also now on the App store for Apple users.

Parental Controls and Restrictions


Among the features added to this version of YouTube are parental controls and restrictions that are designed to make it safer for kid to use the video site. One of the controls will allow parents to control how long their children spend watching videos, while it is also expected to allow the search function to be turned off.

It is said to be easier to use as well as safer, with bigger and bolder icons as well as a voice search function for those youngsters who can’t yet type. There is also the option of switching off the sound, for those times when you simply can’t stand the thought of Dora or Barney singing yet another cheery song. The app will feature 4 video categories, currently expected to be listed as Shows, Music, Learning and Explore.

A spokesperson for the NSPCC children protection charity said that they welcome the app and that keeping kids safe on the internet is this generation’s “biggest child protection challenge”.

Do you think that more could be done to protect children watching YouTube videos online?

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