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Posted on Dec 21 2011 - 5:51pm by Matt Jackson

Have you ever been on a plane or tube, only to curse the fact that you don’t have that ‘great article’ to hand during downtime? clipDO, a forward-thinking startup, has created an innovative solution in the form of an application designed so that you can ‘clip’ news articles straight from the web to send directly to your Kindle e-reader. The beauty of this product is that it’s easy, and even better, it’s free.

This new initiative is sponsored by Hiscox, who offer specialist insurance products including home insurance and insurance for business.

What’s also great about this new product is that it enables you to bookmark web content for later. Rather than having to ‘copy and paste’ your articles into an email, one tap of the bookmarklet – a button you put onto your browser tool bar – will allow you to save news articles and text from as many publications as you like. This makes it perfect for those who prefer to consume their media from multiple sources rather than subscribing to just one.

Another bonus is that the product allows you to share with fellow Kindlers; whether you want to advocate particular articles, or even swap your reading lists. Although the product is currently only available on the Kindle, and of course the web, it will be accessible on a range of other mobile devices in the near future.

Discussing the partnership between Hiscox and clipDO, Simon Wood, Marketing Manager at Hiscox said: “We have been building a direct brand in the UK for the last ten years. Our experience in the market has built an excellent understanding of our customers and how to engage with them effectively. More recently we have accelerated our online presence with innovative advertising campaigns such as our partnership with clipDO.  This partnership has given us the opportunity to target audiences who are on the move on the increasingly popular Kindle platform.’’

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Hiscox is an insurance provider listed on the London stock exchange which specialises in niche areas of the insurance market. The company sells both personal and commercial insurance cover in a range of areas. For high net worth individuals products include property and contents insurance, fine art and classic car insurance as well as personal accident cover. Hiscox also offers companies professional indemnity insurance, hacker insurance and political risk insurance.

For further information regarding clipDO, or to schedule an interview with Managing Director Jon Slinn, please call +447977402918 (UK) or e-mail

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