Next-gen iPhone could be a monolith

Posted on Feb 13 2010 - 9:50am by simon

Apple could be set to launch the largest iPhone yet if new online shots of what appears to be the casing for the device are to be believed.

iResQ, which is an iPhone website focused exclusively on providing repairs for the popular smartphone, has published pictures of what it claims to be a side by side comparison of the existing iPhone case and the upcoming iPhone 4G case.

The original size and shape of the iPhone has remained relatively unchanged ever since it was launched in 2007, but the new case appears to be both taller and wider than its precursor, towering half a centimetre above.

Little more can be gleaned from the snaps, although it is clear that Apple may well be keeping the general look and feel of the new iPhone consistent despite adding to the size.

Over the next few months many more details about the fourth iteration of the iPhone will be made available and with a firmware update on the way, the specifics about the software will enter the public domain soon.

The site that first published the snaps of the cases said that there was a chance they were dealing with a prototype rather than the finished article, which means ultimately there could be little similarity between the current iPhone 3Gs and its impending replacement. There are just a few more months of waiting to endure before Apple launches the iPhone 4G.

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