Next Grand Theft Auto V game to be announced

Posted on Mar 14 2010 - 11:08pm by simon

The follow up to the world-beating Grand Theft Auto IV, which has since spawned two downloadable spin-offs that are coming to the PS3 and PC after enjoying Xbox 360 exclusivity for a while, could be unveiled in the run up to E3 in the summer.

This is according to games industry analyst Mike Hickey, who said in an interview recently that GTA five is almost certainly in the works and could be ready for previewing at some of 2010’s biggest gaming events.

Mr Hickey, who was speaking to IndustryGamers, said that developer Rockstar, which has worked on the GTA games since the beginning, will not actually reveal any information at E3. Instead it is set to announce the next GTA title before the event to stir up some publicity for its other upcoming releases such as Red Dead Revolver.

It is believed by industry insiders that GTA five, or whatever it is called upon release, will outsell its predecessors by a significant margin. Mr Hickey believes that this is possible because there is now an established group of dedicated fans hungry for next-gen gaming on the PS3.

The fourth game in the GTA series has now sold over 15 million copies worldwide and the imminent release of the two add-on packs will surely boost sales of the original even further.

The next GTA game will not arrive before 2011, as analysts believe that Rockstar will continue to milk the current game in the franchise for a little while longer.

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