Nintendo debuts 3DS

Posted on Jun 17 2010 - 10:34am by simon

The brand new hand-held console from Nintendo has appeared at the E3 gaming event, bringing with it 3D effects that don’t require the wearing of polarised glasses.

Nintendo has implemented the rather novel idea of having the 3D display properties controllable in real time thanks to a slider on the side of the console. This means the user can choose in real time just how much depth is perceived on-screen, perhaps allowing Nintendo to sidestep criticism that the 3D display could result in eye damage after extended use.

Nintendo has secured some very important partnerships to allow it to showcase 3D films on the 3DS. These partners include Disney and Dreamworks, which means titles such as “Up” and “Shrek Forever After” could be coming to the 3DS in precisely the manner that was intended by their creators.

A host of 3D games will be made available for the 3DS, including adaptations of previous Metal Gear Solid titles. Expect to see Street Fighter IV also making an appearance, alongside a Final Fantasy game, in a line up that appears to be encroaching upon traditional Sony territory.

In addition to displaying 3D games and movies, the Nintendo 3DS will be able to take pictures in 3D and then make them viewable on-screen. This is a fairly impressive feature that would not necessarily have popped up on the wish lists of many, but is certainly a welcome addition.

The Nintendo 3DS has the dual screen set-up of the current DS consoles, with a touchscreen supplementing the primary display with 2D-only capabilities.

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